We all know that wine, although delicious by itself, becomes an even greater experience with great company and good food. While there are 40 odd varieties, 700 different wineries, and 4000+ individual wines available to you as ‘Made in New Zealalnd’ this is all about what to match with Whistling Buoy!

The rules of food matching are not defined but here is some food pairing options to help find that perfect combination.


For the herbivores amongst us, a lot of your matches come down to the sauce that accompanies your dish. Our Chardonnay will rock with a creamy sauce pasta. Don’t forget about our Rosé or even Pinot Noir to accompany those richer flavoured veges.


If you like your pizzas with a tomato base and rich in toppings like Meat Lovers, Romana, or Venese grab our savoury Pinot Noir it is to die for. If your pizza has a cream sauce, or full of chicken go with our Chardonnay.


Asian dishes are very fragrant and full of sauces to give life to the rice or noodles. Our crisp dry Rosé can refresh starch in rice and noodles. Or if you are into a bit more colour in your glass our Pinot Noir will partner up well.


The favourite summer pastime whether you trying to woo your partner, or giving the kids some fresh air, picnic and wine have been together since the first picnic basket got filled. In general, picnic wine matches the mood of summer, light and cheerful. Take consideration to what’s in your hamper when choosing your wine experience and whether the wine needs to be chilled. Our Rosé will always go down well. If your basket is a little more upmarket with Salami and Pate go with our Pinot Noir.


If you just can’t go past the crustacean menu then you will be reaching into the fridge for our chilled Rosé which will accompany those mussels in the appetiser menu. Our versatile Chardonnay is a perfect match with scallops, and is mouth-watering with a crayfish mornay or prawn salad.


If fish is the dish, it’s all about the target species. Equal the flavours of the wine to the type of fish. If your catch of the day is white fleshed with delicate flakes, like snapper, cod or terakihi, keep the wine light to match the flesh. The Rosé will do the trick. If you just got back from a game fishing charter with an esky full of tuna or marlin steaks, up the ante in the wine flavours with our full bodied Chardy, or go red with a Pinot Noir. Cut through the oils of Salmon and trout with our Pinot Noir.


Our savoury Pinot is well suited to lamb flavours. Offer the Pinot with a light sauce and the bottle will empty in two flicks of a lamb's tail.


Beef is big on flavour, so it needs a big flavoursome wine. Our Pinot Noir will certainly be up to the task with its measure of unctuous tannin.


Big game meats are savoury and tender (if you have a master chef in the kitchen). This cuisine works very well with our Pinot Noir with its wild berry and earthy, mushrooms, chocolate, and savoury flavours.


Unlike Kermit, if you feel Miss Piggy is better on the plate, rather than whacking you across the head with her signature move, your choices of matching wine are numerous. Pork has a medium set of flavours capable of complimenting a range of wines in your glass. Our Chardonnay for white fans or our Pinot Noir will do the trick. In a casserole or with apple sauce, our Chardy is on the money, or if it's sweet and sour rock out the Rosé — trust me it will work!


The most consumed meat in the world — funny it has some of the most recommended wine pairings. With the endless amounts of dishes chicken can be used in, and it being such a flexible little stomach filler it’s probably best to just run with what’s been cooked with the chicken. The standard choice is your good old Chardonnay (ours!) but the glass can be filled with pretty much anything to our Pinot Noir (Roast). If in doubt, drink the burgundies — Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.


Out for a barbie and been told 'we supply the meat if you supply the wine'. Don’t panic, trick your mates into telling you what's on the grill and then rock up with our cold Rosé for those cracking shellfish entrees. The classic versatility of our Chardonnay goes well for those prawn appetisers, pork medallions, or chicken tenderloins. Bring along the Pinot Noir if sausages are on the menu or a mate's getting adventurous with a piece of venison.

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