Sustainable wines New Zealand (SWNZ)

Both our vineyards are certified under the SWNZ programme

New Zealand’s commitment to producing award-winning wines that reflect its landscapes and climate has driven the country’s wine industry to become a world leader in sustainability.

As such sustainability is considered key to the on-going success of the industry as it preserves the quality of New Zealand’s natural resources to enable the continued production of top-quality wine for generations to come.

The SWNZ programme provides a framework for companies to improve their performance in terms of environment, social, and economic sustainability, in both the vineyard and winery.

Members of the programme must adhere to ''best practice'' and all wine must be produced under independently-audited schemes.

Energy conservation and waste reduction initiatives are an integral part of this programme.


Our cultural perspective on vineyard management is for it to be totally sustainable with a focus on good management practices.



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